The Charcoal Sunset’s Inspirational Scrapbook

What a gem.

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The Charcoal Sunset at Roadrunner’s Paradise

This is just confirmed:
We will be playing at the legendary Berlin club Roadrunner’s Paradise.
It’s going to be a hot night with two great bands, vinyl DJs and cold beers.
The party is supporting the making of a film that will be produced by our friend
Manuela Johnson who also shot our latest video.
Here is the Facebook event.

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The Charcoal Sunset’s Inspiratonial Scrapbook

Some of you might know why Steve Wynn is such a big inspiration to us.
Two weeks ago we were lucky enough to meet the man in person and talk to him.
Here’s an energetic performance of one of his best songs called ‘Amphetamine’ on Radio KEXP in Seattle.

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The Charcoal Sunset’s latest Recording Sessions

In the last weeks we’ve been busy in our recording studio at RadioTransmissionMusic and we’ve been working on some interesting stuff.
We’ve been happy to get our former keyboard player Guido and his Hammond organ and Leslie speaker in for a session; I’ve been starting to play the mandolin and the results sound great so far.

Hopefully we can bring the stuff to the light of day real soon, we can’t wait for your judgement.
Until then here are some pics that we hope you enjoy.
Stay tuned,
Juri & The Charcoal Sunset.

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The Charcoal Sunset’s New Video for ‘Julia’

Dear friends,

here is our next little gift for you all.
It’s the video that comes along with our new EP.
We hope you like it. We had lots of fun while shooting it.
You can also download the EP for free here.

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Get Your Free Download Of ‘Julia’ And ‘Let You In’ Now!

Christmas is a time for giving and here is our present to you:
The Charcoal Sunset are very happy to present you some new stuff today.
Download our new EP with the songs ‘Julia’ and ‘Let You In’ for free!
Just click on the link or the picture below and enjoy the music.

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The Charcoal Sunset UK Tour Review Pt. 3

This night Andy and Norman had to sleep in the van to take care of our equipment. We parked it in some quiet neighbourhood, but the two were probably a bit too loud. So some residents called the cops and as they arrived with their flashlights Norman jumped out of the van explaining, we were ‘only a rock band’. One of the cops just smiled and said: “Livin’ the dream, eh?”

Next morning we hit the road again making our way down to Devon. We made a stopover in the beautiful city of Bristol which we really loved. We decided to go back there to play a show soon.
When we came to the festival, we soon recognized the unbelievable amount of mud that was there. It was the muddy hells of Devon. We couldn’t walk a step without being afraid of losing our shoes. There was no other way: We had to buy wellies for each of us. That wellies salesman must be a rich man now as there was no single person there without them.
First band we saw that night was PIL. Zip was blown away by some of their stuff using the most extreme bass sounds he had ever heard. After that we went to see Seth Lakeman and this time it was Kyla who was totally amazed by the show. This guy can really sing and play the violin at the same time, you know. It was good fun to take her backstage after the concert where we met Seth and had a drink and made a photo of Kyla and him.
The next day we just stayed at our tents most of the time relaxing and enjoying the hot summer sun. We were supposed to play in a tent called ‘The Bimble Inn’ and the atmosphere in there was really relaxed. They made their own very good Cider in there. Good stuff.
When we got on stage we soon realized that it was quite shaky up there. Man, in fact it felt like Norman was seesawing 3 feet up and down. His drums fell down twice that night. Zip couldn’t watch Norman while playing, because he was scared he would fall off the stage. Pretty funny afterwards but not so funny when you’re on stage trying to entertain people with music. Anyway, we made it through the show and got quite good reviews actually.
As a final highlight of the festival there were incredible fireworks in the night sky. Absolutely stunning.
Soon after that it was time to leave. We went through the thickest fog I had ever seen that night. When we stopped for a pee break Udo had chosen a place in the middle of fucking nowhere but it was special. Andy jumped over a fence into the darkness when we saw flashlights about 30 meters ahead. This wasn’t just some place in the south of England, it was Stonehenge! That security guy was actually quite nice and for some moments he would illuminate these massive stones with his flashlights just for us. The English fog, Stonehenge by night, it was magic! After that I put on Hawkwind’s ‘Silver Machine’ and we had hours long conversations about all kinds of mystic and philosophical things. It was great.
The rest of the story: A 24 hour ride in the van with only little breaks on the ferry took us back to our beloved city of Berlin.
We can’t wait to get back to the UK (and next time Ireland, too!) to play more over there.
We loved it.

Click here to see pics of the tour.

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End of an Era. Thank You Marlowe Regard.

For a variety of reasons, we don’t want to explain in detail the band and Marlowe will go separate ways from now on.
He definitely left his mark in the band and we would like to thank him for all the effort and time he put into this. It can’t be measured with words.
It is a tough decision for everyone to deal with at the moment.
Despite that we are working harder than ever now, and we can already promise some exciting things that are going to happen.
Please stay inclined towards us and spread the love,

The Charcoal Sunset.

Here is what Marlowe wants you to know:

Dear Charcoal Community,
after five exciting years the band and I have decided to part ways. To talk about the reasons is difficult and maybe it’s not really necessary. I just want you all to know that I’m not the guitarist of The Charcoal Sunset anymore but that I’ll remain a fan of the band’s music anway. I wish them all the best and all the success that they still deserve. For me it’s time for something new.

Liebe Charcoal-Gemeinde,
nach fünf spannenden Jahren haben die Band und ich entschieden, von nun an getrennte Wege zu gehen. Gründe dafür zu nennen ist schwer und vielleicht auch nicht wirklich wichtig. Ich will nur, dass Ihr wisst, dass ich nicht mehr der Gitarrist von The Charcoal Sunset bin und dass ich trotzdem Fan der Musik dieser Band bleibe. Ich wünsche den anderen den Erfolg, den sie immer noch verdienen. Für mich wird es Zeit für etwas Neues.

Marlowe Regard

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The Charcoal Sunset UK Tour Review Pt. 2

The White Cliffs Of Dover are a beautiful thing to see and they are emotionally charged naturally. They welcome everyone who is coming from the European continent and they’ve been doing that since who knows when. The most disturbing thing, of course, is the left-hand traffic when you’re not used to it. But Udo is a great driver with a lot of experience and managed to get us safely through the whole tour. Can you guess what we’ve been listening to on our way to London? After some struggle with our navigation system we eventually arrived at The Windmill, where Boris was already waiting for us. It was great to meet him in London, where he lives. On the roof of the club there was that big rottweiler barking at the strangers walking by, he wouldn’t bark at us, though. You can see that dog on one of the pictures. Soundchecking with the club’s engineer was great and soon the show began with The Bara Bara Band. It is the band by Rupert Browne (who is Chikinki’s singer) and his girl friend Ruth Jacob. Really sweet banjo driven folk music with female vocals and harmony singing. You should check them out. Then it was our turn. When we got on stage (the first English stage for the band!) we were quite nervous, but focused. The gig was great, the audience (consisting of the whole Chikinki family and also quite a lot of music lovers we didn’t know) too and we just loved it. Boris played a superb part being totally unrehearsed but the musical genius he is he just played like he never did anything else. After we finished The Precious Mings were on. And Boris wanted me to play guitar. We had quite a big line up, there was Steve Bond on drums, Rupert Browne on bass, Trevor Wensley on keys, Tim Lalonde on the saxophone, me on guitar and Boris as the great director. It was good fun.
One funny thing about playing in England is the way you’re treated as a band. It is absolutely unusual to get food or even drinks. You get bloody nothing. You get the right to play, that’s all. Well, it was fine for us, playing was all we wanted, so fair enough.
Then the whole posse had to split, because we were spread across the whole city to spend the night in our apartments.
The next day was beautiful and sunny and I spent it with Kyla and Boris. We were walking through London, and I remember being totally stunned by all the guitar shops you find on Denmark Street. There is also the recording studio where The Rolling fucking Stones did their very first recordings! Man, we were in the heart of Pop music history! Really great.
Our next show that day was at The Wheelbarrow in Camden. It is quite a big pub and they have bands playing there almost every night. We played there with Tony Cosaitis’ ‚Band of the Underhand’ and another band that was booked by the club. But we were on last. And this was our gig. We had proven the two nights before that we were in form, so despite a very short and stressful soundcheck we entered the stage and rocked the crowd. And it was packed! Many were dancing and shouting and we played two encores. Now we had really arrived in the city, where Rock’n’Roll was born.

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Glenn Gould’s 80th birthday.

Today would’ve been Glenn Gould’s 80th birthday.
As most of you know we have a strange connection to this musical genius, so here you can catch a glimpse of his virtuoso piano playing. Enjoy.

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